Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle 1

My Dad’s birthday was recently and I decided to make him a special treat, something he loves, but almost never gets…Peanut Brittle!  It also gave me a good excuse to test out my new candy thermometer.  I decided to use Alton Brown’s recipe for peanut brittle, and it came out great!  I left out the cayenne pepper, but the cinnamon gave the brittle a great flavor.  Just make sure you do use a candy thermometer and be sure it gets to 350ºF  (as stated in the video.)  I tried to make it again without the thermometer, judging just by sight and I must have taken it off too soon because that time it did not come out right at all.  Still, when it’s done right it’s a delicious treat.  My Dad loved it and I am really excited to make more recipes using a candy thermometer…Toffee perhaps?

Peanut Brittle 2

You can find a video of Alton Brown making the recipe here and the a text version of the recipe here.



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7 responses to “Peanut Brittle

  1. Your dishes look yum … loved the presentation of the food ! good work
    you can view some of my dishes on ! i would be really happy if you follow it

  2. I can attest to the fact that your peanut brittle is delicious!^^ Looking forward to trying the recipe myself.

  3. Great presentation. I’ve never been a huge fan of peanut brittle and I still want to eat the whole box. Recipe looks fun too.

  4. Lovely recipe , keep up the good work ! I am impressed !

  5. Wow that looks amazing and delicious! I miss this one, it was a specialty in a place where I grew up

  6. peasepudding

    It certainly takes me back to my childhood and I haven’t made it since then, might just have a go but with a different nut as I am no longer a peanut fan. Saying that i love peanut butter and it in baking and savoury….odd I know

  7. My dad used to make this stuff all the time. Ahh the memorys. Great Idea for a cheecake toping

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