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Out with the Old (Oven); In with the New (Oven)

I made this blog at the end of October, and fully meant to start posting in it right away.  But I am sure everyone knows what I mean when I say “Where does time go!?”  I seriously can’t even believe it’s December already again, the holiday season seems to have sprung upon me with me realizing it (despite the Christmas commercials that have been on for more than a whole month already!)


(The Old Oven)

Anyway, what I meant to say was, I made this blog and then I was going to start up right away.  But then before I knew it it was November, which meant it was time for another NaNoWriMo as you can probably imagine while that was going on I didn’t really have time to write much else.  So, I won NaNoWriMo, I made it to 50,000 words two years in a row (whoohoo!) and I think to myself, now it’s time to start up my food blog!  But during that time…the oven broke.  My family and I have been ovenless for probably two and a half weeks now.  It was sort of a difficult time, especially over Thanksgiving when my Mom had to go over to Church and use the oven there to make the pies.  And I have wanted to start Christmas cookie baking.


(The New Oven)

Finally!  Today, the new oven got put in, it’s a convection oven which might take a little getting used to.  I am very excited to try it out and make my first batch of cookies in it tomorrow, and then (hopefully) get this blog up and running!


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